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How can young women track their health and the health of their babies before, during, and after pregnancy?


Research, Information Architecture, Sketching, Storyboarding, Wireframing, Branding, Visual Design

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

Women have to face many challenges in their lives, however their menstrual cycle and pregnancy should not be one of them. Vida is designed to accompany women through their pregnancy by helping monitor their well-being, tracking the health of their baby, and providing them with ease of mind. Tracking reproductive health provides many health benefits for both the mom and baby:


Menstrual health can be a warning sign of other health issues


determine fertility window and best days for conception


Better predict and plan for menstrual cycle

Newborn Health

Tracking newborn health helps with ensuring proper care and child development

Information Architecture

I listed out the different tasks and subtasks in the app and mapped them based on their hierarchy to help me determine the overall structure and the links within different sections of the app. I wanted to make sure there was a balance between the mother's side and the baby's side of the app and that it was easy to switch between the two.

Wireframing concepts

I sketched and mocked up basic wireframe concepts to figure out elements such as navigation and layout. I wanted a simple, visual representation of the information so that it was easy to understand. Including visual elements such as graphs and icons helps women vizualize their menstrual cycle and better plan for and around it.


I wanted to develop a brand that was caring and welcoming but clean and easy to understand as well. I chose pastel pinks and blues since they are often associated with babies, care and health. Additionally I chose rounded sans-serif fonts and rounded shapes for most of my visuals to portray a softness and friendliness to the design. For the logo, I mixed a smaller heart with a bigger one to represent a mother's care for her child and a woman's care for herself.


My hope with the app is to make it easier and more convenient for women to track their reproductive health from menstruation through pregnancy. In order to test if my concept fulfilled this goal, I created a prototype of my design in Adobe XD. The prototype includes the onboarding process and leads into the main body of the app which is the women and newborn health tracking. Users can switch between the two sides by clicking the user profile. Try the prototype for yourself!

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